Thank you for visiting our web site! Maple season means spring is just around the corner! Look for the roadside buckets or lines of light blue tubing.

As usual our woodshed has been filled during the summer months as we prepare to make quality maple syrup and other maple related products such as: maple mustard, maple BBQ sauce, maple peanut butter, maple coated nuts, maple sugar candy and maple crumb (sugar).

We still like to hang 30 buckets around the sugar house for visitors to look into and see the sap dripping. The main sugarbush continues to be the large roadside maples which produce high volumes of sweet sap. The trees are connected with short run tubing systems which reduce our gathering time and provide high quality sap.

Have you tried maple syrup as a natural sweetener? Next time you have grapefruit or ice cream try some of our maple syrup as a topping and you will never buy imitation again!

Maple sap is gathered each spring from our sugarbush which consists of 640 taps on big roadside  hard maple trees. We drive to the sweet trees retrieve the sap and deliver it back to the sugarhouse for brief storage. The sap is boiled to finished maple syrup within hours after gathering. Our wood fired evaporator can boil 130 gallons of sap per hour which makes about 3 gallons of syrup per hour. On a very good day we might bring in 800 to 100 gallons of sap.

Syrup is filtered to remove the sugar-sand and then packed in containers for storage or placed in jugs for sale.

Other maple products that we make are Maple Mustard in a regular flavor and a spicy version. Also our own Maple Barbeque sauce in regular and spicy. We have developed a maple Salad dressing that is great on tossed green salad.

Maple cream is made by heating the syrup to 232 degrees F then cooling to room temp and mixing in a machine to get the very fine crystals that make this a silky smooth sweet treat. Try some on a piece of sharp cheese to get the contrast. We have maple cream in 1/2 lb and 1 lb containers.

Maple Crumb (granulated sugar) Is made by heating syrup to 260 deg F. Then immediately stirring in our big mixer until it has made sugar and is relatively cool. We are now packaging this in 8 oz glass jars for your table.

Maple sugar candy is made by boiling the syrup to 245 degrees and then cooled to 200 degrees. Stirring takes place in the candy machine then deposits the liquid syrup into the candy molds.